ten million fireflies


i’ve been hearing symphonies…
but now all i hear is silence….

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I feel miserable

I hate college apps I hate writing essays I hate making music recordings. I hate my mother relationship with her. We despise each other. I dislike everything about her; her values, opinions, political views, the sound of her voice, her commanding tone, that sharp tongue, what she says, how she says it, her personality… IContinue reading “I feel miserable”

life is very very dark

why have children if only for them to curse you after they leave and spit on your grave after you’re gone no. no. no. no…. If there is a God I will be judged for this. Darkness is glory.

And so the Dream Dies

I wanted to do a double degree at Oberlin College and Conservatory I’ve wanted to since June when I attended their info sessions My clarinet teacher apparently out of miscommunication only heard last week And he said it’s not likely for me to get in. I’m not at that level. That was hard to hear,Continue reading “And so the Dream Dies”

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