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ten million fireflies


i’ve been hearing symphonies…
but now all i hear is silence….

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i really hate classes sometimes

*i really hate my inability to cope with adverse results sometimes. I used to think that I was a very academic person and that I loved learning many things. Some of my teachers noted that I had the growth mindset of a lifelong learner. I think I still hold onto those values as an idealContinue reading “i really hate classes sometimes”

random thought re pol?

sometimes it bothers me that all of my friends (by this i mean pretty much all of the ones that i do talk to pretty regularly) are quite conservative politically/socially* (imo) mainly socially. or maybe i’m not as center as i thought i am. someone would probably classify my social views as more center leftContinue reading “random thought re pol?”

this post contains one thing

January is finally winding down, and college interviews are a thing. a time consuming, but less nontrivial thing than in the past. yay. i discovered r/AsianParentStories that sub is interesting. sometimes reading posts in there feels like going into the deep end. some of that is seriously scary/disturbing it’s also good to get some supportContinue reading “this post contains one thing”

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